GEICO Insurance of Keller: Local Agents. Best-in-Class Service

When most people think of GEICO, they think of best-in-class auto insurance and that lovable green gecko with the cute Cockney accent from the television and radio commercials. Those facts notwithstanding, there is so much more to GEICO than unrivaled savings and funny commercials. Greg Hilst and his team want to prove it to you.

Before opening his agency in Keller, Greg held various corporate jobs for GEICO for over 30 years. He oversees the office with his brother Kevin, who also has extensive experience in the insurance industry. They recently celebrated their fourth anniversary as the proud owners of the local GEICO office in Keller. 

Wait! GEICO has local offices? See — we told you that you didn’t know everything about GEICO. 

“Everyone knows the GEICO brand and our stellar reputation. But what most people don’t realize is that we have brick-and-mortar locations, too,” Greg said. “It’s important to us that our licensed agents are local and available because insurance is an important financial decision and just complicated enough to where most people need expertise and guidance to make an educated decision. They crave professional guidance.”

He added, “Our local community needs to know that we are here for them.”

Greg said meeting the community’s needs ultimately led him down this path. He was 19 when he started his insurance career in the GEICO regional office. At the time, he was content working in the call center while juggling a pretty busy college schedule. But like any young professional, he set his sights on moving up the corporate ladder. 

He eventually became a regional manager overseeing local offices throughout Texas. This experience and seeing the value added to the consumer is what led Greg to opening an office of his own. 

“In many respects, you’re getting the best of both worlds,” Greg added. “If you want to come talk to us about coverage and any questions you may have, you can stop by and get that support. And once you have that, you also have access to a best-in-class mobile app. There are a fair number of customers that we are on a first-name basis with, and that means something to us. That’s what being a local agent is all about.”

Kevin agreed. “Our local office customers appreciate having access to best-in-class technology at their fingertips, plus local service when they need it,” Kevin said. “This is an area that continues to grow with new homes and local businesses. We love being here. It’s a great area for us.”

Including Greg and Kevin, GEICO of Keller is home to eight licensed agents, one of whom is bilingual. They offer expanded office hours including Saturdays, and their product list goes way beyond offering great auto rates and coverage. For example, GEICO can also help you with homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, RV insurance, and more. 

Beyond their local offices, GEICO offers 24/7 claims service and boasts a 97% customer satisfaction rating and A++ financial stability rating. 

“Insurance is a unique service because consumers often buy it with the hope they will never need to use it,” Greg said. “But when the time comes to use it, it is good to be with a stable company with excellent service and local availability. We serve those needs in our community.” 

Speaking of helping locally, GEICO of Keller is also an active member of its immediate community and surrounding areas. Greg and Kevin have ongoing relationships with the local chamber of commerce, school districts, and the parks and recreation department, to name a few. In addition, they have partnered with the GEICO Military Assistance Team to award two JROTC scholarships per school year.

“We are pretty active,” Greg said. “We want people to know that we aren’t just another store. We are here to serve our community’s needs, whatever those may be, and to be as active as we possibly can.”

Market conditions in the insurance industry are causing rate fluctuations in our area. Now may be a good time to check with Greg’s office to see if they can save you some money on your insurance needs.

To learn more about GEICO of Keller, visit their website at

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