About Us At 287 North Magazine

Our 287 North Publication is mailed to targeted affluent homes with market value above $500k on the third Friday of every month. It focuses all content and editorial on the men, women and children that call the community home. Award winning journalism is displayed on premium paper through beautifully designed layouts that make our magazines the best publications in the community. In addition to our print magazines, each publication is available in a digital format.

Meet The Publisher…

Hello! My name is Cindy Deming, and I am the Publisher of 287 North Living. After 30 years in the newspaper industry, I became accumulated in the industry, and loved every bit of it.  I even had several impressive achievements in my career and loved being recognized in the print media world. I was the Top Producer at The Star Telegram, along with other multiple top awards, and then after an industry shift, I retired. But life wasn’t the same without the constant interaction with business owners and personal contributions towards helping the community to grow. So, I came out of retirement and re-entered the print industry as the Publisher of 287 North Living magazine. I am eager to continue my journey of making a difference in people’s lives and helping businesses succeed. Let’s meet up and see if I can help your business.

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