Lookin’ Good. Feelin’ Better.

Did you know there are two ways to spell aesthetician? If it begins with an “a,” it denotes a medical background. If it begins with an “e,” it denotes the absence of a medical background and refers to someone who administers spa-like procedures such as facials.

Rebecca Reece-Porter, ACI and CLS (Advanced Certified Injector, Certified Laser Technician) know those “little” things, and many more, because of the experience she’s gained since beginning her involvement in the medical profession in 1983. Cosmetic Botox hit the market in 2002. Rebecca was already on board and has been an advanced injector for over 20 years. She combines her valuable experience with her artistic talent, compassion, and professionalism to make her Cardinal Aesthetics med-spa in Haslet, a leader in restoring youthful freshness to tired faces.

“My techniques are conservative,” Rebecca stressed. “They enhance and define a person’s natural features, with a goal of making you look and feel good. I don’t like to ‘over-do’ anything. Instead, I prefer friends and acquaintances of my clients to see them and remark how great they look, how rested, and to say things such as ‘I don’t know what you’re doing but you look fantastic!’”

Rebecca had her own med spa in Colorado and the largest laser clinic in the state. She was successful, but she and her husband felt the tug of their grandchildren who live in Texas. After much discussion, they decided to pull up the stakes and make the leap.

It wasn’t an easy transition since her Colorado business was still functioning. She flew back and forth between the two states every other week for a grueling six years, racking up more frequent flyer miles than she’ll ever use in this lifetime!

“It was brutal,” Rebecca admitted. “The Colorado location is finally closed, and my LLC for Cardinal Aesthetics came through in May of last year. I began seeing clients just a month or two later.” She chose the name “Cardinal” for her new med-spa in Texas because of a beautiful bird of the same name that appeared frequently in her yard during a time of extreme stress.

“I don’t believe in what I refer to as ‘cattle call’ shoots, where clients are run through a clinic like numbers for injections,” Rebecca emphasized. “I do believe in in-depth consultations, in education in areas such as no-zones for Botox and fillers, in explaining to them what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

“I feel it’s important to understand such basics as using Botox for the upper face and fillers for the lower face. I want them to know a well-hydrated person will feel 50% less pain and experience 50% faster healing. There are also certain effects caused – or not caused – by smoking and/or drinking. I want my clients to be educated, and I feel it’s part of my responsibility to inform them.

“Building relationships with the individuals who come to me is critical. I open the door to finding out about them, both personally and professionally. I can do my best to ensure their satisfaction and positive emotional reaction if I know them and understand their expectations.

“I know a lot of seemingly little techniques that make huge differences, and I want my clients to benefit from that accumulated knowledge. Once again, it’s part of my responsibility.”

Many individuals visit Rebecca for preventative injections. Others come with no idea of where to begin.

“I have a simple rule for the second group,” said Rebecca. “I tell them to look in the mirror first thing in the morning. The first facial feature they see that bothers them is where they should start.”

Cardinal Aesthetics offers Botox, Juvederm Ultra XC, Vollure, Voluma, Volbella, Revanesse, Bellafill, Plasma IQ, Silhouette Instalift, Perfect Derma Peel, Kybella, and Microneedling with FGF – whatever you need to walk out of Cardinal Aesthetics looking and feeling your best. It’s the only med-spa location west of I-35 offering such an extensive list of services.

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