Value Your Daily Solitude

You’re probably energized and often full of ideas, right? High achievers are doers and creators. We like to create new things, and that energy often leads to a domino effect where we create, inspire, and motivate the lives around us and continually draw people into our world. But then the inevitable occurs as that world becomes louder and more cluttered. 

How do you get off of the treadmill of responding to emails, getting sucked into meaningless meetings or activities, and remain focused? You have to
make time. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of solitude. Having time alone to dream or just think is important. Don’t expect this time to always happen naturally—you have to make time for solitude. Life is fast! Go enjoy the beauty of nature; put on some music, close your eyes, and relax. 

Solitude is so important for your soul. It can refresh your mind and help clear out any cobwebs. It doesn’t matter if you take the moment alone first thing in the morning or during the middle of the day, as long as you create that space. 

People who don’t make a point to spend time alone find themselves cluttered with the ideas and plans of others. Your body and mind are your most important assets; and if you don’t take time alone, how can you be as productive and fresh as you need to be? Maintain your body and your mind by being intentional about solitude. 

In addition to taking time each day for solitude, some people take a personal sabbatical or retreat—two or three days alone in a hotel, on a boat, or on a beach—to simply relax, refresh, and regenerate their mind. They take time to pray, meditate, contemplate, get a massage, journal thoughts, and relax. Others spend one night a year in a hotel room alone—not in a hotel for business, but in a hotel specifically with the idea of having twenty-four hours of solitude. They turn off the TV and phone to be alone with their thoughts. Or, if that’s not for you, take a few hours one day and go for a walk outdoors or in a park. 

As wonderful as solitude is (and as refreshing as it is), it can require some sacrifices because it means spending time away from people, places, and things you love, including your family or business. You will often gain a clear mind, stimulate new ideas, and most of the time gain a renewed sense of purpose. I would say that makes the trade-off well worth it!

Streamlining and simplifying life is a must for high achievers. Solitude will help you think better, lead better, and see what’s ahead more clearly.

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