In Perfect Bloom

It was 1985 when Joe Pipes recognized a distinct need in north Texas for a bigger – and better – supply of four-inch seasonal, colorful, blooming plants. With that in mind, he started Pipes Plant Farm.

The most unique characteristic of The Flower Ranch is they grow the plants they sell. That includes the entire breathtakingly beautiful collection of annuals, bedding plants, ground covers, ferns, and baskets. The Haslet site is where the growing and meticulous care happens. Unlike many big box locations, you’ll never walk into the Flower Ranch and be greeted with a vista of sad, wilted, scraggly, flat-filled tables. That’s just not what they’re about.

The intense, hands-on process followed at The Flower Ranch also makes them experts in successfully integrating their plants into their customers’ landscaping.

Another quality responsible for cementing The Flower Ranch’s long-lasting reputation for overall excellence is its focus on customer service. That’s why many of the people who were present 26 years ago at the 1997 opening of the Keller/Southlake location still trust The Flower Ranch in 2023.

One of the people present at the 1997 event was Vicki Tanner. She loved the location and its luxurious plantings, visiting frequently. It was no surprise when Vicki became the new owner in 2018 when Joe Pipes decided it was time to retire.

The only difference noted by anyone at the time of the ownership change was the absence of Pipes’ easily recognized laugh. People who didn’t know that sound probably noticed nothing unusual. That was definitely a good thing since it’s exactly what Vicki wanted.

The super quality of their product, along with their customer service, remained constant while many of the familiar faces were still on board. Operations Manager Jerry Gardner has contributed to shaping The Flower Ranch for 27 years. As a matter of fact, he was on board in 1990 when The Flower Ranch was a commercial operation open only to landscapers. Head Grower Filemon Rios has devoted long hours to caring for the plants for 24 years.

The Flower Ranch is a family operation, making it only natural for Trey Denson, Vicki’s son, to join the team as General Manager. In addition to his family ties, Denson also contributes an Agricultural Business degree from LSU. Completing the active family ties is Donald Kernodle, Vicki’s nephew, and Facility Manager. He’s spent the past eight years working closely with Filemon and day-to-day operations.

Spring is the universal passcode for “busy.” That’s true for every nursery in the country, but even more so for The Flower Ranch because of the long list of extra services they offer.

A perfect example is its Basket Factory, a concierge-style potting service that allows customers to bring in their own pots/containers for The Flower Ranch to fill. Owners describe the sun/shade conditions and their color preferences. One to five days later, they have a gorgeous showpiece with selections made from nearly 250 available varieties. Prices vary but are reasonable.

There are no shopping carts at The Flower Ranch. Instead, employees function as carts! Customers browse at their leisure and hand their selections to an employee who takes them to a personal, numbered shelf. They remain there until it’s time for loading.

The main grow facility, which opened in the early 1990s, is in Haslet.

The retail center reopened to the public in the Fall of 2019. Both locations, Southlake/Keller and Haslet, are still hidden gems for some people. Both offer a beautiful adventure through their huge, sweet-smelling blankets of color.

“We grow over 40,000-plus flats at one time, topping out over 100,000-flats for the season. We walk that section every day, checking moisture, growth, and all the other elements required for healthy, hardy, colorful plants. We’re all excited that 10,000 new homes are going in right behind us because we’ll be the ones introducing them to the greatest flower adventure they’ve ever experienced.”

The Flower Ranch is committed to superior quality selections, growing its own stock, eliminating middlemen, and maintaining impeccable customer service.

Visit one of The Flower Ranch’s locations this spring for $10 off any
4″ flat! The adventure awaits!

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