Seven Crafty Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained during Long Vacation Travel

Most people are professionals at planning their summer vacation. They’ve got everything down to an exact science, from where they are traveling and how long they will be there to finding crafty ways to stay within budget. Even if they go over budget, that’s OK so long as they’ve gone out of their way to create family memories that will last a lifetime.

But no matter how detail-oriented you or your travel agent are when it comes to your family travel plans, you will undoubtedly be scratching your head trying to figure out how to entertain the kiddos on that long car ride or plane flight.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “Well, just give them a tablet, video game, or a couple of movies on Netflix, and you’re good to go. Maybe so, but that’s only going to keep them occupied for so long. In this day and age, you’ve got to be armed with an arsenal of options. 

Here are 7 crafty ways to entertain the kids that you might not have thought of. 

Turn your backseat into a movie theater

This will take some creativity on your part, but take the traditional movie watching experience a step further by decking out the backseat with dark blankets to cover the windows, popcorn and drinks, and even a few Hollywood-themed decorations. The kids will forget they are in the backseat of the SUV.

Download a few kid-friendly phone apps

There are plenty of free phone apps that are kid friendly and can keep them busy for days. If Netflix isn’t doing the trick, have them give an app like Disney Now a try.

Think outside the box on car ride games

There are always car ride staples like an old-fashioned game of Uno or Dominos, but give Road Trip Bingo a try. Or better yet, play a game of I Spy or see how many cars you can pass that are the same color or have a driver who is wearing sunglasses. This is a great way to keep the kids engaged for hours.

Go educational

Before you go on your trip, take the kids on a special visit to the local library. Let them pick out any book they want (picture book, magazine, comics, etc.) for the trip. Maybe even suggest a few books that have something to do with where you are going, especially if it’s someplace historical. Summer is meant for fun, but where’s the negative side of your kids having fun and learning at the same time?

Engage your children 

To piggyback off the previous tip, take an active interest in what they are reading. Ask questions and have them explain what’s going on in the book.

Build your own art bin

Keeping a variety of toys and games on hand is the name of the game on long trips, and this is a great option whether you are taking a car ride or plane flight. All you have to do is find a small bin with a cover and let your child fill it with everything from legos to crayons, small toys, stuffed animals, etc.

Workbooks and coloring books

There are plenty of workbooks out there that are educational and give kids plenty of things to do. A longtime staple is a coloring book. Just make sure you bring lots of crayons and markers. 

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