The Art of Compounding with Red Door Pharmacy

I often get asked what is a compound medication. The traditional role of compounding pharmacies is to make medications for specific patients with needs that can’t be met by commercially available products. It could be as simple as making a liquid medication for a patient that can’t swallow pills, a dose that is not available, or many other things.

Compounding takes a lot of training and each medication is custom made so it can be very time consuming. That is the reason you don’t see many pharmacies that compound anymore. So many pharmacies are more like assembly lies and don’t focus on the customer like we do. Compounding is just one of many reasons that we stand out from the other pharmacies in the area.

We specialize in hormone replacement therapy and make many different items. we make estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone creams, capsules, rapid dissolve tablets, etc. We also compound weight loss medication, low dose naltrexone, and medications for erectile dysfunction. Give us a call if you have a compounded medication so we can help you out! We can custom make pretty much anything except injectable medications.

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