5 things to Do – To Prepare for Back To School

1. Back to School Shopping

Who doesn’t like shopping for fresh school supplies? Sometimes seeing the school supplies aisle in stores can be a sad reminder of summer ending. Why not make this time of year more exciting for you kids by giving their school supplies a new theme each year. This way your child will get to show off their creative side, and will be sure to get conversations flowing and make new friends along the way!

2. Create a Homework Station

Make doing homework fun by creating a dedicated space with all new supplies. Your child will look forward to enjoying the space and marking off their tasks using fresh supplies. Let them use the space for arts and crafts on the weekends so they can associate this space with fun, and not just doing their studies. 

3. Prepare for Mornings

The preparation for school nights should start about two weeks in advance. Start having your kids go to bed an hour earlier so that by the time school starts they are refreshed. Consider purchasing a smart alarm clock that wakes them using light instead of a harsh alarm. Plan out your kids’ school lunches ahead of time and meal prep for them on the weekend, to make sure that you are not only saving money, but they are getting the best nutrients to fuel their young brains.

4. Backpack Station

Nothing can slow you down more in the morning than disorganized clutter, especially around your child’s backpack. This is a great opportunity to create an area in your entryway or mudroom so that your child can keep their shoes and backpacks tidy and well organized.

5. Make a Homework Calendar

Why not encourage your child to be organized and prepare for their studies by creating a homework calendar. This way you are not only making sure their school work gets done and they receive high marks, but also you will be preparing them for the real world. Being organized and on top of tasks will benefit your child in their chosen career and far after they have graduated.

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