The Dangers of High Cholesterol

Even though the particles of cholesterol in the blood are very small, they have the ability to pose a massive problem to any person who has cholesterol that remains high while they are dealing with other health issues. High cholesterol has become a common thing among adult men, so it is worth discussing the fact that it can lead to life-threatening conditions that negatively affect your cardiovascular system, but what are these dangers? If you continue reading, you will find that this article contains a short breakdown of the dangers of high cholesterol. 

High Blood Pressure

Issues with cholesterol can begin in a relatively reversible, benign way, but over time problems can develop. One of these problems, is that blood with a high concentration of cholesterol can eventually experience a settling of the cholesterol, where the particles stick to the walls of veins and arteries. As the particle collect, they will begin to obstruct the vital pathways of blood, and prevent blood from reaching sensitive areas with a variety of outcomes to your detriment. This can be especially deadly if you are a person that happens to have a birth defect in some part of your coronary artery, or another essential place in your circulatory system.  


Strokes are the result of a blockage in some part of the circulatory system that leads to the brain. This can lead to a variety of different issues, but in some cases, it’s possible for blood to be cut off from the parts of the brain that control essential functions of the body like the heart, or lungs. Most of the time however, it results in some form of paralysis or loss of motor function in some part of the body. Some common stroke involve loss of feeling in the arm, or the loss of muscular control in the left side of the face. 

Heart Attack

This is definitely the most serious of these conditions. A heart attack is usually any time that the blood flow is cut off from, or restricted to the heart to the point of being life threatening. When this takes place, it can cause scarring damage to the arteries and veins around the heart. This usually means that the chances of another heart attack are higher, and could easily result in death. This is particularly dangerous when it occurs due to blockage in the coronary artery. 

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