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Hops & Props 2024

Good news for North Texans! The 9th edition of Hops & Props Beerfest, hosted by the Fort Worth Aviation Museum, is coming April 27. The museum location on Ross Ave will have a happy crowd enjoying one of their favorite events of the year with local craft beer, live music, food, family-friendly vendors, airplane rides, games, activities, and lots of fun!

“The preparation for the museum’s biggest annual in-person fundraiser event is in full swing,” said Jim Hodgson, the Chairman and Director of Fort Worth Aviation Museum. “This year, we have two bands with the return of Faster Horses, more food trucks, more facilities, more vendors, and fun!” 

“Beer Flights” is one of the event’s main attractions, which takes place on the vintage military transport “Southern Cross” C-47 operated by Greatest Generation Aircraft. On each flight, fifteen passengers will taste sample beer from a select local brewery as they circle Fort Worth and the surrounding area and experience the 30-minute flight. 

Regular admission applies with access to the aircraft exhibits, and museum admission is included with a beer-tasting ticket. Aerospace company Lockheed Martin is the title sponsor for Hops & Props 2024.

Fort Worth Aviation Museum was founded in 1998 with the motive of celebrating and showcasing the people and aviation accomplishments of North Texas in one place. It is a science center that preserves and displays our heritage, educates the communities, and inspires young people to stay in school and achieve their
full potential. 

The museum is home to the Most Touchable Warbirds in Texas, and proceeds support its core values of preservation, inspiration, and education. 

The aviation museum team is currently conducting a feasibility study to expand its campus and facilities into an aviation STEM science center to protect the unique collection and offer more education and preservation programs. 

The Fort Worth Aviation Museum also provides a valuable platform for local organizations to grow. Around 20 local veteran support organizations have participated in Hops & Props for many years. “For many of these organizations, our visitors are the most people they see all year, so it is a great opportunity for them to tell their stories and how they serve the community,” Jim shared.

“In addition, many of our visitors are not familiar with the museum and the rich stories of aviation achievements here in North Texas, so we get an opportunity to tell our stories and inspire young people. The proceeds of the event support the museum’s education and restoration programs. Every dollar helps us complete our mission of giving wings to youth and our community through our
aviation roots.”

Jim is one of the founders of the Fort Worth Aviation Museum. He is a retired pilot and has been operating the museum since its beginning. His usual days are spent in the museum, and he doesn’t get tired of it. He is motivated by the trust and confidence people have placed in him to lead the organization.

“I don’t want to let them down. Aviation has been very good to me and is a wonderful motivator for young people. It’s payback,” he said.

“I was asked once how much time I devote to the museum, and after a brief pondering, I relied on all of it. It can get long and stressful at times, but it all seems worth it when I see an old military friend reunite after decades or see the glimmer in a child’s eye seeing the magic of flight.”

Every year, more and more Texans are attracted to the Aviation Museum and its events. The museum is also a popular venue for birthday parties and weddings. People can book the venue for their memorable celebrations, enjoy while being fascinated by the rich aviation history of North Texas, and touch
a warbird!

Other than the annual fundraiser Hops and Props, several programs are happening throughout the year – Halloween, car shows, reunions, STEM programs, pictures with Santa, summer and spring break programs, and something almost every month.

“Come out and enjoy a fun, family-friendly Hops & Props while you celebrate some great craft brews and support a great award-winning museum,” Jim shared a message with the locals. 

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