Nurturing Dance Excellence: Chisholm Trail High School’s Dynamic Dance Program

In the vibrant halls of Chisholm Trail High School, a world of rhythmic creativity and expressive movement comes alive through the Dance department. Amber Hallowell, Assistant Dance Director, graciously shares insights into this thriving program that nurtures talents and builds confident performers.

The Chisholm Trail High School Dance department spans a range of levels, catering to dance enthusiasts of all kinds. From 8th grade dancers to dance 1, 2, and 3 classes, and the prestigious Varsity Dance (Drill Team) for high school students, there’s a place for everyone seeking to explore the world of dance.

The 8th-grade dance experience is uniquely captivating. These students step onto the high school campus, embracing accelerated learning in dance genres and drill team preparation. Beyond technical skills, the program nurtures confidence and poise through optional competitive engagement, propelling students to develop performance finesse, choreography mastery, and overall skill refinement. The emphasis on competition early on equips them with the self-assurance needed to tackle auditions for the Drill Team later in the academic year.

One of the hallmarks of the program is its commitment to growth. By challenging students and introducing them to the world of competition, Chisholm Trail High School paves the way for an exciting journey that culminates in their exceptional Drill Team performances.

The inclusive nature of the 8th-grade dance program underscores its mission to provide an opportunity for all aspiring dancers. Without auditions, the door is open to anyone who’s eager to explore the art of dance. This approach fosters a diverse and supportive environment where every student can find their place and develop their skills, no matter their starting point.

Amber Hallowell’s insights provide a window into a program that goes beyond teaching dance steps. It’s about shaping young individuals and instilling them with confidence, discipline, and a genuine appreciation for the arts. Chisholm Trail High School’s Dance department embodies the essence of growth and artistic passion, where students not only learn to dance but also learn to shine both on and off the stage. For more information, visit the Eagle Mountain ISD Website to join the journey of dance excellence.

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