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Clear on Community with ClearWater Plumbers

Like their peers, ClearWater Plumbers help residential and commercial customers with their basic water and sewer system needs. Unlike the others, the northwest Fort Worth-based company does much more.

It includes an in-house apprentice class started earlier in 2022 and led by John (JR) Leslie – affectionately known as “Professor Moon.” His goal is to create the next wave of expert Texas State Board-licensed plumbers.

“We like to hire great apprentices that we can train, who end up growing with the company and getting all their licenses with the company,” said co-owner Amy Longspaugh. “As they get their licenses and their own trucks, they grow up through our model.”

The first class finished earlier this year and graduated 14 students. The current group includes seven people who meet for 60-90 minutes weekly before the workday begins for 35-40 weeks. Several of their apprentices have since become licensed plumbers with the company.

“We go through a lesson plan to expose them to things they need to know about in the residential plumbing business, to be better helpers in the field, and eventually get their license and go through everything,” John said.

“Previously we only did in-field training which is valuable. One of the advantages of doing it in-class is you are not necessarily holding back a plumber with questions all day. The apprentices can ask questions about things they might not normally see in the field.”

A journeyman plumber since 2013 and with ClearWater for six years, Leslie originally learned the trade as a youth from his father, Robert. Interestingly, he initially thought he’d be a church pastor while studying for a master’s degree in divinity from Southwestern Seminary. 

“About halfway through my education, I determined I didn’t have the proper temperament for that,” he said. “I did finish up but had been working as a plumber the whole time there.”

John is among ClearWater’s water treatment specialists who educate homeowners and businesses regarding water quality, which varies widely in the Metroplex area. From kitchen-only options to whole-home filtrations, knowing the individual customer needs allows specialists to offer various options.

ClearWater continues to grow, and now, with almost 40 team members, it has built a family-like environment. Everyone truly enjoys working together, reflecting their approach to helping customers with their general plumbing needs.

“The team works together very well which is not always the case elsewhere,” John said. “I’ve worked at quite a few plumbing companies and this is the first one where you see that.”

To know, like and love the team at ClearWater Plumbers is an important core value the leadership team has established by being involved in the communities it serves. For example, it partners with the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District to sponsor the bass fishing club and other annual events. They have participated in the Fort Worth Festival of Lights celebration for the last seven years.

“Our company prides itself on providing community service hours and look forward to doing even more in the coming year,” Longspaugh said.

ClearWater Plumbers also is seeking applications for summer internships from high school seniors interested in learning about plumbing.

All these special touches contribute to more than sixty percent of ClearWater’s business being return customers, with direct word of mouth accounting for another ten percent.

“We pride ourselves on being neat and clean,” John said. “While that may sound like an oxymoron for a plumber, but it is their home, and the basic premise is we leave the place better than we found it.

“We also try to keep our pricing as competitive as possible. We’re not the cheapest but we’re also not the most expensive,” John said. “We have built reputations with whole families.”

If you live or work west of state Highway 360 – especially in Alliance, give ClearWater Plumbers a call. Remember to Do What You Otter and Call ClearWater! 

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