Essential Oils for Your Immune System

If you are someone that turns to natural remedies like herbs and essential oils, you probably want to do the same thing to boost your immune system. With stronger immunity, you can fight off illnesses like the cold and flu, or at least decrease its effects on your body. Here are some essential oils that can help boost your immune system naturally.

The first essential oil to introduce into your life if you want to improve your immunity is lemon. The lemon essential oil actually comes from the rind of the lemons, so it is a little different than oils that are from the leaves, stems, or flowers of various herbs. Lemon essential oil is wonderful for detoxing your body. It can clear out toxins and cleanse your body in a way that other ingredients just don’t do justice. Try a little lemon essential oil mixed with other oils in a diffuser, or add some lemon to your water or tea. You can also use it when cleaning your house to get aromatherapy from the scent while also having an all-natural cleaner.

Oregano and Ginger
These are not common essential oils, but they can be just as beneficial as the next ones you might be more familiar with. Both oregano and ginger as herbs and spices are amazing for your health, particularly when you have an illness like the cold or flu. Oregano oil works for overall health and wellness, while ginger helps with some of the side effects, like nausea and headaches. Adding them both to your regular regimen of boosting your immune system naturally is a great option.

Now let’s move on to more traditional essential oils that you are familiar with, starting with peppermint. This is a popular oil, not only for general health, but for specific issues like skin infections and improving fatigue. Peppermint is also great for your immune system, as it helps to detox your body of toxins. It can also help to relieve stomach issues like nausea and indigestion, and relieve headaches that you get when you have the cold or flu.

The last essential oil you should know about is lavender. This is a very common oil that is great when you want to boost your immune system. Lavender is very calming for your mind and body, and really encourages you to heal your body from the inside out. It doesn’t help your immune system directly, but by allowing you to relax and get better sleep, it can give your immune system a nice boost through this important rest.

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