Belonging Through Music

Finding the place where you belong is hard, no matter what age you are.

Two educators, Chuck Kraus and Holly Clifford, are determined to make that place for kids at the School of Rock Saginaw. Chuck, a high school band and orchestra director for 20 years, and Holly, on her 26th year as a digital arts teacher, co-own School of Rock Saginaw in Fort Worth.

The School of Rock Saginaw is designed to get students on stage performing, with the goal of building strong musical proficiency. Students begin in Rock 101 to quickly develop a basic competence on a chosen instrument. Then the student moves onto the Performance Program, where they receive weekly one-on-one lessons with an instructor as well as weekly band practice with a group of their peers.

“When you get all the kids together, it’s different — it’s magical when the kids learn to depend on each other to have this product happen,” Chuck said. “These kids haven’t learned to be anxious yet, they just do it. When you see the confidence that comes out of that, individually but then as a group, it’s unique. It’s much like when you’re on the sports team, but with a musical spin to it.”

At the School of Rock Saginaw, you are encouraged to be your authentic self.

“Kids are faced with so many challenges and obstacles today,” Chuck said. “Being able to have a place where a kid can come and be themselves is important. If you want to be weird? Be weird. Go do your thing, man. You want to sing and dance at the same time and get your groove on? Go do it! No one here is going to judge you.”

The School of Rock Saginaw is designated for everyone, offering a multitude of programs, such as the Little Wing Program for kids 3-5, an adult program for those 18 and older, a Songwriters Program, a House Band Program, and more. School of Rock Saginaw instructors have a wide range of musical experience, from personal to professional.

“We’d love for you to give us a call, and we can walk you through all we have to offer,” Holly said.

6944 Blue Mound Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76131



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