Baby Proofing

Are they really going to let us leave this hospital with this baby? From that moment on, you are instantly and irrevocably entrusted with the most extraordinary responsibility – keeping your new baby safe!  Avoid the bumps and boo-boos with a little baby proofing know how. 


Cuddly blankets, pillows, crib bumpers, and huggable stuffed animals flaunt oohs and ahhs. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) caution parents to avoid putting these items in the crib with their newborns. Snuggly items can cover their nose and mouth and prevent them from breathing.  


Wiggly cords and mysterious outlets are irresistible for baby ninjas with emerging skills. Hide cords behind furniture so your little warrior cannot tug on cords that may also be attached to heavy items above.  Outlets are eye level to skilled crawlers with perfectly sized little fingers. Consider removable caps that cover both outlets, covers with a sliding safety latch, or blank outlet covers if the outlet is not used.  


Open drawers are magnets for babies learning to pull up. Fill lower drawers with heavier items and keep them closed.  Consider furniture anchors or straps so heavy furniture will be less likely to tip over. Wrangle in toys, storing them in a toy chest with a safe hinged lid that won’t snap closed on little cowgirl and cowboy pint-sized fingers. Accessorize tables with corner guards, bumpers, or foam insulation to soften the impact. Use double-sided tape inside foam insulation for extra superstar strength. 


Babies love to explore. Move cribs, chairs, and large toys a child can stand on away from windows. Install window stops or window guards. Ensure blind cords are higher than your little one can reach. Replace old window blinds with cordless shades or use cord stops. Cut blind cord loops just above the tassel and replace each cord with a new tassel. Some blinds require the cord be looped to function properly. 


Little chefs love to help!  Create a play cupboard away from the cooking area. Include wooden spoons, plastic containers, and saucepans. Place cleaning products, breakables, sharp knives, peelers, graters, and food processor blades in upper cabinets. When using front burners, turn pot handles to the back. Consider knob covers or remove the stove knobs when not in use. Avoid spills that can burn delicate skin. Don’t leave a hot cup or dish at the edge of a table where curious hands can reach. Don’t sit with your baby on your lap while drinking a hot beverage or carry your baby with one hand while carrying a hot drink with the other.


Forbidden treasures such as razors, mouthwash, toothpaste, cosmetics, hair products, and perfumes should be stored in latched cabinets and drawers. Put a hook or lock high up on the bathroom door to ensure tiny pirates keep out. Keep water temperature set to no higher than 120 degrees to minimize accidental scalding. Anti-scald safety devices slow water to a trickle if it reaches dangerously high temperatures. Turn on a cold faucet before the hot and turn off hot faucet before the cold. Don’t let the doorbell or cell phones distract you while your bathing beauty’s in the tub. 

Congratulations! You’ve latched and locked, capped off and padded, checked and rechecked. Now your home is officially baby-proofed!  

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