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There’s always tomorrow. You always have tomorrow to start fresh again. There’s always the possibility of a new life with freedom and purpose.

With this vision, for the last 30 years, Victory Ministries has been helping people with their journey to betterment. The DFW-based nonprofit is on a mission to reach and offer transformation and healing to the drug addict, the alcoholic, the criminally minded, and the reject of society through the grace and power of Jesus.

“We offer free recovery programs separately for men and women who desire to change,” said Sergio Aguilar, who has been working for Victory Ministries. “We have programs for substance abusers that provide a safe spiritual and physical environment for a 180-day discipleship program.”

The foundational goals of the program include character development, cultivation of spiritual disciplines, and impartation of ministerial vision. The first 30 days focus on building hope and faith through Bible studies. After that, participants actively enroll in faith-based programs and life skill training. Many men and women successfully go through the transformation progressing in their new lives, whereas others find it challenging to transition.

This March, Sergio completed one year of discipleship at the Men’s Home. He is now one of the leaders at Home and helps with training and activities. Sergio first came into contact with Victory Ministries in 2016. “I was going through a rough patch, physically, mentally, and emotionally,” he said. After hearing about the Men’s Home through an acquaintance, Sergio decided to give it a try. The discipleship program ended up being a major turning point in his life, and he has never looked back after that.

“Victory Ministries taught me how to fight back. It taught me discipline and discipleship. It taught me how to become a man,” he shared. The transition has had some challenges, but he is grateful for the process. Now Sergio helps other men in need with what he has learned at Men’s Home. He is enjoying life like never before.

Currently, the Men’s Home has 70 men, and the Women’s Home has 15 women, varying in age from 18 to 65. Thousands of people have walked through the doors of the Homes over the years and have been transformed. The programs at Victory Ministries have inspired people to achieve against the odds, turning into productive members of society that are able to achieve extraordinary things to improve their lives while helping others at the same time.

“My life was a complete mess. I started smoking at age 6. Later on, I was addicted to alcohol, weeds, drugs, and I got pregnant at 15,” shared a young lady who was rescued and brought to the Women’s Home. “I thank God for giving me a second chance; now I am not doing what I used to do. I realize how valuable my life is.”

Steve Castro is the Victory Church pastor who has dedicated his life to impacting communities and helping needy people through the love and services of the Church. Steve himself went through a lot in the past and got a new life through a similar Men’s Home program. “I was tired of being tired,” he recalls. “34 years ago, God touched my world. God helped me transform, and now I have everything I hoped for.”

Steve has not smoked or consumed alcohol since his transformation and is now living a life full of discipline, dignity, and devotion. Steve and his wife are mentors to many men and women from both the Homes and the Church.

Representatives of Victory Ministries reach out continually to target communities to find people who need help. Fundraising programs and activities to raise awareness are conducted throughout the year, enabling them to come into contact with substance abusers. Parents of many teenagers reach out to Victory Ministries to help their children through the discipleship program.

“We send flyers, we do rallies, we put the word out through various platforms, including social media,” Steve mentioned. “We do a lot of charities; we reach out to as many people as possible. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest outreach events where we feed people breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We give people food, clothes, etc.”

While fundraising is obviously used to run the Homes by seeking donations from locals, it also adds value to the discipleship program and offers opportunities for outreach to the community. Disciples are trained to make the different fundraising items, including banana bread and cheesecake; they learn how to both evangelize and manage money; they also gain a sense of purpose in promoting the ministry. Overall, these activities are well received by the community: “People love our banana bread,” Steve smiles in joy.

“We are so grateful for the support our communities have given to us. Funding is one of the challenges at times; however, we will keep working with faith and determination. The mission to give people new lives is thriving!”

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