Veteran-Owned Lawn Escapades Focuses on What’s Behind the Home

Seeking something to do when he was finishing his time with the United States Marine Corps, Dimitri White initially started knocking on doors as a lawn man. Eventually, he began remodeling and building exterior structures two years before he exited the service. He even flipped a few houses to make some money. 

He quickly learned it would be best to concentrate on one area. So knowing he had to be his own boss, he started Lawn Escapades and Custom Patio Covers in 2015 and focused on the backyard due to his particular enjoyment for the outdoors.

His business, based in River Oaks in Fort Worth, specializes in custom cedar wood porch/patio covers, outdoor kitchens, and remodels. Except for one or two annual commercial projects, all are onsite at residences in North Fort Worth and beyond. 

“We primarily stick to high middle class to high end homes,” Dimitri said. “But we can install just about everything anywhere, any time.”

A native of the small town of Strawn, Texas, Dimitri moved up I-20 to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in middle school. He was only 17 years old when he joined the Marines, where he spent eight years – first in California, then in Florida, and finally back to Texas at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (NASJRB) in Fort Worth.

When Dimitri opened Lawn Escapades and Custom Patio Covers, he and one truck were there. Now, there are three vehicles and seven total employees on two teams. 

If a project is big, both crews will work together. For medium and smaller projects, one crew handles everything allowing for multiple jobs at the same time.

As part of their focus, Dimitri and his Lawn Escapades and Custom Patio Covers work on gazebos/pergolas, A-frame covers, sunrooms, decks, and more. They make a point to install quality materials and durable outdoor appliances.

“I built my name and reputation in the two years before getting out of the Corps. Due to this, about five months out, I was able to expand and grew from there,” he said. “Every 2-3 months we get a remodel. We sell custom and just about anything you ask, we’ve done it.”

Lawn Escapades and Custom Patio Covers prides itself on its attention to detail and quality materials, quality work, and lastly, excellent communication and cohesion between the clients, crews, and Dimitri.

“People say they love that my crews work consistently, always busy, always on time, and always respectful, and they are very talented,” Dimitri said. “They are always a reflection of me, and I am extremely proud whenever someone remarks about my crews. 

“We build with high quality, and we are always in communication with the client, so if there if anything were to happen, there are questions, and so forth, there’s always a team lead on site. Even if there’s not one available, I’m always available via phone call, and I’m almost always on the job site once a day for at least two hours. 

“We always do high quality work. The standard class homes are always surprised with at least one third saying it’s better than what they thought due to the trim, decorative appeal, extra time and due diligence we put forth.”

Dimitri likes to promote Lawn Escapades and Custom Patio Covers’ fair pricing and excellent service. It features customizable packages that are guaranteed to satisfy any customer. He even offers a 10 percent discount to current or past military members and 5 percent to first responders. 

“I’m usually on the high medium end of people who quote,” Dimitri said. “I build for longevity with high quality cedar and materials. We build very sound and with big/stout lumber and we don’t skimp on the service or quality of all of our builds.” 

Apparently, Dimitri’s customers are satisfied as the business has been booming. 

‘This is our slow time, and I’m still booked out until almost April,” he said. “We hardly have slowed down since I’ve been out (of the Marines).”

Lawn Escapades and Custom Patio Covers look forward to serving future customers.

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