Have a Get it Done Mindset

Stop making excuses and get it done! Quite simply, the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people achieve predetermined results. You cannot execute, achieve, and make results happen without being really clear about what you want.

In 1899, Elbert Hubbard wrote a best-selling inspirational essay that so clearly captures the essence of this rule. Entitled “A Message to Garcia,” the essay is about a courier named Rowan, who, upon request from President William McKinley, braved the hostile Cuban wilderness on foot to deliver a message to Calixto García, a rebel leader also involved in tensions with Spain. When tasked with the mission, Rowan asked no questions, gave no argument, and offered no concerns — he simply left, disappeared for three weeks, and did what was asked of him. After this essay was published, the phrase “take a message to Garcia” became a common colloquial for having initiative and getting the job done.

Every leader loves people who get things done. Right? What if you were that person charged with such an important task?
Are you capable and willing, and do you have the ability to execute? Do you just think about doing it, or are you actually doing it?

This concept is the earliest version of Nike’s philosophy ­— “Just Do It.”

Indeed, when we are acting on a request or striving to reach a personal objective, is there any other approach to even consider? Just do it. Get it done. Focus, power through, and succeed. Value a capacity for independent action, moral intelligence, a strength of will, and a willingness to cheerfully catch hold
and lift.

When you’re next faced with a task, project, assignment, big meeting, you name it — either for yourself or on behalf of another — take action. Start at the beginning and deploy the High Leverage Activities (HLAs) you need to do to get the most out of your action, effort, and resources. If you feel stuck, commit to even fifteen minutes of action. You’ll see that you often get caught up in the task and make tremendous progress.

Your colleagues, owners, clients, shareholders, and board will value this attention to action and commitment to overcoming whatever obstacles, uncertainties, or questions surround the task in front of you.

Let your brand grow, and more and more people will count on you to get things done, to succeed where they cannot, and to not clutter delegation by creating more issues, excuses, and mental roadblocks. Personally and professionally, become someone people can rely upon. This is creating a reputation of execution, and
it is just as valuable now as it was 125
years ago.

Go forward and create your powerful mindset, your reputation of execution.
This will increase your personal success, since creating wins for others makes
you indispensable.

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