Avoid Negative Thoughts

Junk can fill a home just as easily as valuable possessions. Obviously, surrounding oneself with beautiful furniture is more effective for creating a happy, successful life than the smelly garbage we remove from our homes when the container is full. Studies show that successful people have similar habits, and the same can be said of unsuccessful people. Oftentimes, while a successful leader is thinking about how something can be done, an unsuccessful individual is thinking of reasons why it can’t be done.

A negative thought is like a piece of garbage. Negative thoughts clutter our minds and use the same mental real estate that positive ones do, even though they do not have the same importance or power. You wouldn’t keep garbage in your living spaces, so why would you keep negative thoughts in your brain? You need to eliminate negative thoughts in the same way you would take the garbage out when it begins to interfere with your well-being.

Results often reveal a person’s mindset. If the individual has an “it-can’t-be-done” attitude, they’re probably right – it really can’t be done, as long as that kind of negative thinking prevails. The world doesn’t care about the reasons why something can’t be done – it needs the solutions! People already know the problems. What they want to know is how to overcome them to achieve positive outcomes. Have you ever known of someone who proved valuable to an organization because of his or her ability to identify all the reasons why something couldn’t be done? No, of course not. Organizations need people who will take the high road and lead them to success by thinking successful thoughts!

Because I am so convinced that thinking is both the core cause of poor results and the solution for superior results, I’ve written a new book called Change Thinking – Change Results! I’ve committed my career to help my clients think differently – to see things differently – in order to generate extraordinary results they wouldn’t have even imagined possible before shifting mindsets.

If you’re seeing poor results in your organization or personal life, it’s time for something to change. Since thoughts drive our actions, and negative thoughts lead to actions that produce poor results; then, the solution is to examine our thinking and come up with a better way to fix something that’s not working in our favor. Think “what can we change to do this better?” rather than “it can’t be done”. Having a solution-oriented attitude of “how can we?” creates superior results, faster!

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